Some of our customers for implementation of Odoo Enterprise

2 Plus Bulgaria AD

2 Plus Bulgaria AD is a provider of technologies and services, which it adapts and implements using an individual approach to each client. Using a wide range of high-tech solutions and the acquired experience of their team, they guarantee solutions that are skillfully designed and professionally integrated. ITEX Bulgaria helps the team of 2 Plus Bulgaria AD in the project of implementation of Odoo and is doing the necessary local support.

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Adcom – Printing Solutions Ltd.

Adcom – Printing Solutions was established in 1991 in order to reduce the distance between new  digital technologies and consumers working in the field of graphic design, digital printing, indoor and  outdoor advertising, textile printing and sublimation. Each of the manufacturers with which Adcom –  Printing Solutions has official relations is among the leaders in its industry. Good products,  affordable prices, timely and competent service, fairness to customers - these are the things that  Adcom – Printing Solutions has adhered to in all the years of its existence. ITEX Bulgaria is a partner  of which Adcom – Printing Solutions for implementation, training and support of Odoo.

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Aqua Systems

Aqua Systems has established traditions on the Bulgarian market. The company presents and uses the products of leading American and German companies. ITEX Bulgaria OOD provides the necessary local support in connection with the implementation and maintenance of Odoo.

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Centrale Medico Dentaire SA

Within the Centrale Medico Dentaire SA (CMD), there is no compromise on quality. Because they embody the dental world in its most innovative way, they pay close attention to detail and perfection: from the product to the service. Their entrepreneurial spirit promotes ambitious results. Their new strategy will provide a strong response to the needs of their customers. CMD preserves a family spirit that always favors a long-term vision. Their role is to ensure the development of each of their exclusive representations by providing all the resources necessary for their success. ITEX Bulgaria is the CMD’s Odoo implementation, training and support partner.

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Develiot OOD

The purpose of Develiot is to improve the quality of life on Earth by harnessing IoT technology to advance the access to clean water and air. They bring their purpose to life by making global challenges manageable. They enable it by empowering data-driven decisions that pinpoint high-return investments in the areas of urban water supply and urban air quality. They achieve it by providing scalable end-to-end solutions, encompassing optimal data sensing, optimal data transmission, optimal data visualization and analytics, and effortless third-party integrations. With all this, they are able to enable partners to deliver business proven IoT solutions repeatedly and at scale, solving pressing problems and delivering real value. ITEX Bulgaria is the Develiot’s local Odoo implementation and support partner.

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GrowthWay Ltd.

Growthway is a Bulgarian company, specialized in the field of industrial management, engineering and delivery of non-standard industrial equipment. The main subjects of activity are consultations, industrial process optimization and project management. The company has more than 25 years of experience in managing leading Bulgarian and international industrial companies. ITEX Bulgaria is the Growthway’s local Odoo implementation and support partner.

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Max Value EOOD

Max Value renders financial and accounting services to SMEs that have chosen Odoo for their ERP system. The company serves as a remote financial department that works in clients' Odoo databases and its strength is to make the accounting information useful for management purposes. Clients' managers can benefit from frequent invoice and payment processing which allows better cash-flow planning, early month-close and enhanced, meaningful reporting. Opposed to traditional bookkeeping service providers, Max Value is perceived as an insider by the clients because of the improved communication that a common database allows. Itex Bulgaria supports Max Value in the implementation phase of their new projects.

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Net-Surf Ltd.

NetSurf is a Bulgarian innovative Phone, Internet and TV Provider, which serves its main business with Odoo in an integration with Hydra and Planado systems. With this configuration, NetSurf supports more than 20,000 customers from the Bulgarian North West region. ITEX Bulgaria is doing the whole implementation and the development of the interfaces of the Odoo with the two third-party systems.

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Prime Design Europe AD

Prime Design Europe AD is one of the leading manufacturers of performance rack systems and  interior products for LCV. PDE Group distributes through strategic partners & specialists and is one  of the leading roof rack factories in Europe. Their facilities and headquarters in Belgium, Denmark  and Bulgaria support customers and dealers as well as design, manufacturing, and assembly with  significant warehouse capacity. ITEX Bulgaria is the Prime Design Europe AD’s Odoo implementation,  training and support partner.

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Truckpoint Ltd.

The need for simplicity in fuel and toll payments is more pressing than ever. Managing the toll taxes and uplifts is critical in maintaining a competitive edge. Truckpoint Ltd. knows how important it is to be flexible managing the fleet, so they have 24/7 online access to its client profile. Fuel cards give access to the world’s largest network of sites, which in turn makes it easy for the drivers to choose an uplifting point. ITEX Bulgaria is the Truckpoint’s local Odoo implementation, training and support partner.

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Vida Wine and Spirits Ltd.

The company produces its own brand of boutique white and red wines in small series. Their wines combine the spirit and traditions of the Bulgarian Vidin region with the latest technologies and modern trends in wine making. Each bottle of wine is created with a lot of love and attention to detail, and the grapes are specially selected from their own plantations, which are located on an area of 60 acres near the Vidin village of Gradets. In the online store of Vida Wines and Spirits, everyone will find not only Vida's own brand, but also a carefully selected selection of high quality Bulgarian wines. Their portfolio includes over 600 labels collected from more than 60 wineries from all regions of the country. ITEX Bulgaria helps the team of Vida Wines and Spirits in the project of implementation of Odoo and is doing the necessary training and local support.

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Some of our customers for Odoo Community


The company team is involved in blockchain technology and is a part of the movement since its early days. As one of the early supporters of Bitcoin they believe in equal access to financial services for everyone. They work to promote a financial system that benefits all society, not just the elite. ITEX Bulgaria helps the team of Poype in the project of implementation of Odoo and is doing the necessary technical support.

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Some of our customers for Odoo developments

MEC electronics production OOD 

MEC electronics production OOD is a Bulgarian subsidiary of the Austrian technology enterprise founded in 1979 and based in Vienna. They provide everything from concept and development to the final production run. This allows them to create unique and individual solutions. Better concepts and implementations allows their customers to succeed in today’s markets, supported by products and developments by MEC electronics. ITEX Bulgaria is the MEC’s local Odoo development, implementation and support partner.

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Electrosphere Ltd. / Antelope Audio

Electrosphere Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian company operating in the field of digital audio technologies. The company is known worldwide with its Antelope Audio brand, offering high-tech audio equipment for both professional recording studios and the home environment. ITEX Bulgaria is development partner of Antelope Audio for specific solutions for Odoo.

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